Pope Francisc, a Transatlantic Hope

I write this text into English because I have some friends who don’t know Romanian; some of them live in Europe, some of them live “on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean”. The first goal of ‘Clubul presei transatlantice’  (CPT, the Romanian name for ‘the Transatlantic Press Club’) is to facilitate a communication / to be  a communication bridge / between the inhabitants of two continents: Europe and America…

Canada means the North America, too …Brazil means the South America, too; the North America and the South America are together AMERICA. Anyway Canada and Brazil are…on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean (like Argentina, the country of  Pope Francisc).

From the contemporary point of view (European people, American people)

People has a great expectation about this new pope, Pope Francisc. I say people from all over the world has not only A GREAT  EXPECTATION, but A NEW GREAT HOPE !

First of all I appreciated a lot (if I may talk about it!) the New Pope’s modesty: before to bless the people he has asked the favor to be blessed by people! This could be a great lesson learnt by Pope Francisc from Pope John Paul II (which was very respected and loved for his modesty; for his wisdom to know to listen to people, to know to encourage them; I won’t forget his historical words to people /before 1989/ : ‘Don’t be afraid !’

1989 was the year when the people from Europe was not afraid!

* * *

Pope Francisc could be a great hope for people from ‘the both sides of the Atlantic Ocean’!  Argentine Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope, the first ever from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium. He has European roots, he has lived in the South America. He is able to understand people and cultures  “from the both sides of the Atlantic Ocean”.  He could be a great transatlantic hope. Maybe by him that sacred dream of Pope John Paul II to unify again all Christians could become true.

Ioan Iacob

Pope Francisc, a Transatlantic Hope

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