‘HELLO CHICAGO !, says President Obama

           I had a chance to visit Chicago in 2004 , when I was officially invited as journalist in the U.S.A. My first impression about Chicago was not a good one: traffic jams, skyscrapers coming to us like monsters, smog, noise…I was invited there to launch ‘September Carats’ (a poetry book written together with a poet from Cleveland, Ohio; we included poems written in memory of those tragic events from 9/11)
at ‘TASTE OF ROMANIA’ Festival from Chicago.
        I began to love Chicago after I saw it from the 94th floor of ‘John Hancock Center’, invited by a family from Chicago. Now I know that ‘Chicago’ means ‘wild onion’ into Indian language. Now I know that you can fall in love with Chicago only after you have seen it from the top of a skyscraper. But I have a new reason to love Chicago now; I feel I know why President Obama has chosen Chicago for his victory speech; Chicago seems to be a great heart of America.
             My heart is in Europe, my country is in Europe, but I can’t forget that I have lived some time in the U.S.A. as journalist…and I have known a lot of American Romanian people.
President Obama has been close to people; when ‘hurricane Sandy’ hit America, he said: ‘Let’s forget about elections campaign…Let’s focus about people.’ And people didn’t forget that.
”HELLO CHICAGO !’, says President Obama
       I haven’t been in Chicago this morning; but I can hear from Europe, from my country, these words; HELLO CHICAGO -could be a new beginning.
by Ioan Iacob


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