Ioan Iacob intr-un scurt dialog cu poetul Matt Mason

Prezent la un eveniment desfasurat la Ambasada Americana din Bucuresti, colegul nostru ioan iacob a realizat un scurt interviu cu poetul matt Mason, pe care il redam mai jos.

Ioan Iacob : – Is this the first time you are in Romania?
Matt Mason : – Yes, this is the first time I’m in Romania.
I.I. : – What are your impressions about people, about country? How do you feel in Romania?
M.M. : – I’m really impressed with Romania. I have met high school students in Bucharest, Craiova, Drobeta …these students are creative. It’s also impressive how all the schools I ask…What’s your favourite poet? Can you say a line or a poem by them? And they all recited poems and they know what’s going on…It’s really impressive I think the creativity and just the talents and the energy they have for poetry.
I.I. : – What would you like to tell to NARPA readers?
M.M. : – My message for NARPA …it is amazing how the creativity in the youth of Romania is as exactly as the creativity of the youth of America…they write about the similar themes, similar subjects , they really got an energy when they’re talking about poetry …It warms my heart that it’s the same in our country especially in the youth.

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