North American Romanian Press Association (NARPA)


Our Mission and Vision

To contribute to the enhancement of quality of the Romanian press on the Northern American continent by promoting and implementing a code of ethics and guidelines.

To organize media seminars and forums.

To promote social, cultural and religious events in the Romanian community in USA and Canada.

To monitor and enhance the quality of the articles and news published or broadcast.

To recognize and reward annually the best  news and articles.

To encourage the youth journalists to write and work for the Romanian media.

To offer training and internship programs.

To find financial resources in order to support and help Romanian media in North America.

Members of NARPA may be corporations, legal entities, and/or individuals of the North American Romanian press. Individual membership of this organization shall be limited to North American Romanian journalists, writers, editors, publishers, internet media administrators and television crew and to those who desire to pursue writing, editing and publishing as a way of promoting Romanian culture and heritage. Contributing writers and correspondents of North American Romanian media companies headquartered on other continents may be accepted as associate members.